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Automatic Porosity Analysis System
Automatic Porosity Analysis System

Createdate:2019-8-21 9:09:35

Automatic Porosity Analysis Systemintroduce

1、 AutomaticAnalysis System

iCALIBUR Aporosity is automatic porosityanalysis system,for the analysis of cast porosity analysis of castings such asaluminum and cast iron. It is also suitable for pore analysis of othermaterials. The system consists of several automatic control sections.Including: optical microscope, 3-axis electric table (supporting a variety ofhigh-precision electric tables), electric turntable controller, automaticcamera system, automatic pore analysis software. Fully automatic inspection andanalysis process: automatic scanning of the entire sample, automaticphotographing, automatic pore identification, statistics, analysis, automaticpore analysis, automatic generation of professional analysis reports;

2、Auto Scan,SupportMultiple Scanning Area:Rectangular area, circular area, etc.; meet various applicationneeds;

3、MultipleAutomatic Focus Algorithm

Support multiple focus modes: compensationfocus, tracking focus, manual focus, EFI focus, etc. Adopt the latest focusingalgorithm to ensure a clear image even when the sample is not flat enough;

4、Automatic Camera and Field Position

The photographing process automaticallytakes pictures, the photos are automatically saved, the progress status isvisible in real time; the photo information is stored in the database forconvenient query; the field view image browsing function is provided, and thefunctions of backtracking and re-photographing of the field of view can berealized.

5、ProfessionalTesting Standard

A metal casting porosity measurement systemfor the automotive industry that meets the German Volkswagen VW standard/PVstandard. It is easy to operate and the measurement results are accurate andreliable. Support Volkswagen PV6097/VW50097/BMW/Benz/General and othermanufacturers inspection standards. Customized inspection classification datacan be customized according to user's special requirements, which is verycompatible with factory standards and custom standards. Support to definetechnical specifications and output evaluation results.

6、Particles Automatic Identification andClassification

The system automatically identifies thepores, automatically counts the pore parameters, and automatically determinesthe location of the worst pores. The measurement results include parameterssuch as pore content, maximum pore size, and minimum pore spacing. Supportspore analysis of cast aluminum, cast zinc, cast iron and other materials,supports graphite screening or content deduction, and automatically removes theinfluence of graphite in cast iron on measurement.

7、Professionalfield of view

Datum selection methods strictly inaccordance with the standard, such as VW50097, PV6097. Supports base, circle,triangle (isosist, right angle, arbitrary), custom size rectangle and otherdatum types. For power components and static load-bearing components, choosethe best effective area.

8、Professional Inclusion Report

Professional Inclusion Report supports thepersonalized design of the report. One-time scanning analysis of large castiron samples PV 6097:2007 standard inspection statistical report example:

Sample preview:

Measurement location field of view localstatistics:

9.Attentive service, rest assured use

The comprehensive service is that yourneeds are not just a product, but your business or research development, whilewe have your requirements and needs. Good long-term cooperation and yourleadership is our success.

Since its inception, the iCALIBUR systemhas been trusted and supported by users in factories, enterprises, universitiesand research institutes; once acquired, it will be upgraded free of charge forlife.

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